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A Romantic Honeymoon on Tioman Island

We started to get really excited when we stumbled upon Lonely Planets’ Top Honeymoon Islands book one day at a random bookstore. We opened the book and there it was, Tioman Island at #9. I had originally wanted to go back to Thailand for our honeymoon. But, the plane tickets to Malaysia were cheaper and my coworker had recommended the country as he had spent some time there. He also said that he heard Tioman Island was really nice for couples, although he hadn’t been. I googled it and the pictures and prices sold me. We booked the flight from Air Asia (searched on google flight) and went with Berajya Resort (found on So, to later find that it was a top recommended honeymoon island was just icing on the cake!

We stayed 6 days at the Berajya Resort and wished we had stayed longer. We asked if they were hiring and they said no. Haha. We mostly just laid around the pool and beach but we also did a couple of activities. Ok, enough with the blabber, here’s our trip….

To get there, we took a 5-hour bus then a 3-hour ferry, but it was totally worth it. The only regret we have is not staying longer.

The island is stunning with lush green mountains and turquoise blue waters. It's unspoiled and not very crowded. Perfect for a secluded get-away. Our room (pictured above in the middle) was right on the beach and cost a little less than a hundred $$ per day. Can we say yaaaaas!

Most of our days were split between the pool (swim-up bar) and the beach. Then we'd take advantage of the happy hour at the beach bar. What a tough life!

Then we'd watch (I really mean take a crap ton of pictures of) the gorgeous sunsets. We have so many pics of sunsets, it's ridiculous.

The second day we took a walk into town and saw some monkeys. It started with just one, then two, then we look up and we were surrounded. We actually started running a bit because we definitely felt we were on their turf. The other interesting thing we saw in town was babies on scooters. Yes, really. The average vehicle of choice for a family of 4 was a tiny moped. So, the baby would sit in front and hold onto the handlebar. Sorry for no pic of this as they were driving too fast for me to snap a good one.

We took a boat/snorkleing tour that was freakin' awesome. It took us around the whole island, including another village called Solange, we saw a waterfall, and snorkeled our butts off.

The best thing about this pic is Bash's face. The water was freezing and we were trying to hide it. I think I did a better job. Haha!

I'm no snorkeling expert, but this was BY FAR the best snorkeling I've ever done. The water was crystal clear and the fishes were beautiful. I never imagined these kind of colors existing naturally. We did learn one thing tho, we have to invest in a Go-Pro for next time. The other family on the boat with us had one and we were super jealous.

Disclaimer, this was not our table. We saw this dinner table set at the Thai restaurant on the way back from a photoshoot and totally took advantage. But, now you know you can totally have a romantic beach sunset dinner at the resort if your heart desires.

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