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Kuala Lumpur- A Monkey-Jacked Story

Other than the monkey-jacked story that will soon follow, the food was the most memorable thing about Kuala Lumpur (KL). As a self-proclaimed foodie, KL was heaven. First of all, let me give some background… KL is very diverse, especially for an Asian country. You have the average Malaysians who are mostly Muslim, a huge Chinese population, and also many Indians and Pakistani. So you can find really authentic food of all of the countries above plus awesome Thai (and other SE Asian) and Western food. We visited a street called Jalan Alor, aka “food street”, where I ate myself to a coma. The best thing is Changkat, “bar street”, is just the next street over so you can go dance off your food baby.

Ok, so we visited a place called Batsu Cave, which is probably the most famous tourist attraction in KL. It’s accessible by the subway and not to be missed. However, please be very careful as the place is ran by a gang of monkeys. Most of them are cool but you have to watch out for the gang leader Alphamale.

We had a great time and was exiting down the stairs when all of the sudden, I met eye contact with Alpha. He scent my fear right away and started walking towards me. I picked up my pace (ok I started running), and passed him. That’s when I felt something come right up behind me and a small jerk. I was terrified. He straight-up yanked the small plastic bag I had tied to my purse. It contained presents for friends and family.

As I’m trying to get over the shock, a man came running trying to console me. He's actually a research student from some uni in Cali who is studying monkeys. He explained that the alpha basically does whatever he wants. He said the monkeys associate plastic bags with food and as soon as he’s done going over my stuff, he’ll give it back. Unfortunately, we were too shocked and scared to take pics of Alpha going through our stuff, but at least we got a good story and monkey nightmares for days. Oh, and yes we got our presents back.

The architecture of KL was pretty cool with a mix of Arabic (as seen in the Mosque pictured above) and modern skyscrapers.

This is the infamous "food street" where people from all over the world come get pregnant with food babies.

Food porn from left to right: Taiwanese oyster pancakes, Chinese style duck, Hong Kong style broccoli, Thai green curry, chicken satay, and finally and whole lotta Dim Sum.

If you wanna visit Batsu Cave, make sure you wear comfy shoes for the crazy stairs to go up.

And when you get inside, guess what, more stairs. Haha!

He was one of the sweet ones minding his own business eating his own coconut.

Oh, the last thing not to be missed is Little India. We throughly regret not eating here, but we did stock up on incense and hair oil.

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