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Shanghai for the Weekend

They said it was the hottest heatwave to hit Shanghai in 160 years (not kidding). Although I felt like passing out at times, we still managed to check some stuff off the list. Unfortunately, we only had 3 days in the “Paris of the East” and the last day was spent completely in a pool with a swim-up bar (absolutely no regrets). If you only have one or two days in Shanghai, the below are not to be missed....

If it's your first time visiting Shanghai, you have to do the tourist obligatory picture of The Bund.... but come on, this skyline is hard to beat.

The Bund is a waterway where one side is the modern backdrop of the famous skyline and the other side is lined with colonial buildings that light up beautifully at night.

After a long stroll on The Bund, stop by Kathleen Waitan's for a rooftop drink and soak in the view some more. We heard it was the best in town and were not disappointed.

The other not-to-miss is Yu Garden. As soon as you walk in, you can feel a sense of peace . However, be careful not to stress out as you leave, because the place is a freaking maze.

Just a heads up, you will undoubtedly be harassed by a hoard of venders selling touristy gifts when you leave Yu Garden. The price is actually not that bad IF YOU NEGOTIATE. But it's super annoying when you have no interest in buying gifts.

Our favorite place to pig-out (also lush-out) was Barbarossa in People's Park. Its a Moroccan fair surrounded by lush greenery and a blooming lotus pond. The scenery was not limited to outside as the inside decor gave a sexy vibe with exotic lamps and plush couches. The best part was the daily happy hour from 5-8 up in the lounge. The food was pretty awesome too as exemplified by the paella, seared tuna, and spinach salad below.

This is our first-but-definitely-not-last trip to Shanghai and we hope to do more local stuff next time. So, please stay tuned....

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