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Letters From Qinghai (3 of 3)

Two weeks in Qinghai was definitely not enough. If I ever get a chance to go back, I want to take Crystal and explore even more. While I was in Qinghai I got a lot of attention for my hair and my skin colour, many people were curious about where I came from and how I got my hair like this. Many people also wanted to take pictures with me. One guy even followed me for 10 minutes.

After a while my colleague gave me the great idea to ask to take a picture of anyone who asked to take a picture with me.

This slight annoyance of taking selfies with people became something I looked forward to, because I got to work on taking portraits.

Had to leave the wedding after taking this one and the one below because I was getting a bit too much attention. I am glad they came over though. Check out that jewellery and the braids!

I took a selfie with this family.

He seemed the least interested in getting his photo taken.

If you happen to know what his tattoo represents, please share it with me.

We spent some time in an assisted living facility. Learning about the lives of the residence. This was right before we danced together.

She had like 10 poses. SO adorable!

Met this group while they were having a short break from building this soon to be restaurant. I wonder if it's open by now.

I hope the next person that looks like me who comes to visit will be treated with kindness, and maybe not stared at so much. All and all an unforgettable trip.

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