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Guess Where We Are

Blue skies and crystal clear waters, sandbars in the middle of the ocean, and a very photogenic sea wreck sums up our adventure…..

Ha! We totally got ya! This was kinda click bait…….we’re in New Port Richey, Florida. But wait, wait, wait! Doesn’t it look like the Caribbean though?! Who knew Florida had such treasures? My best friend Nick and wify Brecque have a boat and we (Mom included) were lucky enough to be able to jump on board for an unforgettable experience. So, since you’re here, you might as well scroll down for the pics; and also at the bottom, we reveal how you can have this experience without the friends with benefits (boating benefits I mean).

Well, first we drove pass all the multi-million dollar ocean-front homes and fantasized what it would be like being on the other side.

Then we arrived at the beautiful sandbar in the middle of the ocean. Honestly the vibe was so serene that we pondered whether or not it was worth moving back to Florida just for this little piece of heaven.

Well, my zen didn't last long. We got out and made ourselves home, as you can tell.

There were only about 8 boats there so we basically had the island all to ourselves.

After chilling in the water, we headed to a tiki bar in the middle of the ocean some guy built.

Just beyond the tiki bar was a really cool sea wreck where all these birds hang. I wonder what they're thinking.....

And the best part was this message on the other side..... Riley, I'd accept his request if I were you, the guy's got a way with words.

So, if you don't have a friend with benefits and you're wondering how you can have all this fun, head to Gill Dawg Marina. They have boats you can rent of the day, tell you where to go, and all that good stuff. They were super friendly when we stopped by to chat.

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