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One Day in New York City

If you ever find yourself with a limited amount of time in New York City and you've already done all the touristy stuff (or just feel like you're too cool for that), the below should be on your list. After a busy week of visiting friends and family, we finally snuck away to visit some of our favorite spots. Here was our 1 day in NYC:

1. Start off the day by grabbing yourself a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich or bagel and cream cheese at any deli that look like the below. We found this one in Midtown (7th and 55th) on the way to The Highline. This particular one was sandwiched between fresh toasts. Yum!

2. Head to The Highline to walk off that heavy breakfast. As an above ground park converted from a train track, The Highline is a popular spot with both locals and tourists. The greenery, unique surrounding architecture, and outdoor art makes this the perfect stroll. We usually start at around 28th street and walk south until the end.

Take a break and post up on one of many resting spots. You won't be the only one trying to soak up the sun. I love the family in front of us all with their books on their laps. #familygoals

3. Head to the Chelsea market after getting off The Highline. One of the city's best taco spots (Los Tacos No. 1) is in this food haven market. But if tacos are not your thing (in which case we can't be friends), there are plenty of options to choose from.

4. Hop on the L train and ride across town to Union Square. On any given day, you may find street performers, locals playing chess, or an outdoor market. Anyway, it's worth the stop as there's always something to stare at.

5. Take a walk down to St. Marks Place. Filled with weird stores, tattoo/piercing shops, and cool restaurants and bars, this has always been one of my favorite streets in NYC.

This store is called Search and Destroy on St. Marks. Its an awesome punk rock shop that's been here since like forever. Like I said, it's punk rock so expect weird shit and attitude (especially from the staff).

6. Our last stop is a very special place that wonderfully combines gourmet hotdogs and fancy cocktails. This speakeasy is only accessible by ringing a phone inside a booth inside Crif Dog. I'm probably breaking some rule by posting about this place as it is appropriately named Please Don't Tell. If you want a seat for sure, you should call ahead for reservations. If you want to chance it, be prepared for the hostess to unapologetically turn you down.

As an ex-New Yorker, it was really hard to narrow down all the one-of-the-kind fun places this city has to offer. But, we had one full day to visit our old stomping grounds and this is the route we chose. This is only a taste of the possibilities. If we missed some spots worth checking out, drop a comment and let us know!

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