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Railay Island Thailand- The Viewpoint Hike - How to get to from Krabi Thailand

Hiking up The Viewpoint is definitely one of the must do’s on Railay Island, Thailand. I mean, come, look at this view. But what makes it a must do is the hike itself! Be forewarned, it’s not for the faint hearted as there are lots of challenging hurdles, at times, not knowing what to grab to keep going. However, everything was totally worth it. Be sure to wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Everyone had suggested that we wear proper shoes but we ignored them and went in flip-flops. To be honest, we were fine. Here was our adventure and keep reading for how to get there from Krabi.

The climb starts with a well deserved warning sign, but don't let that scare you. We saw many people (even children) making their way up and down.

This is the scene the whole way up, just a bunch of red clay, rocks, and ropes.

My hands were already dirty within a few minutes, which I was apparently very happy about.

Yes, there will be alot of people, but the people usually come in shifts. We waited and this crowd was gone within 10 mintues. We were still able to snap some awesome pics.

Everything was totally worth it when you get rewarded with this view.

But watch out for the way down, it's always easier to going up than going down.

Now, How to Get to Railay Viewpoint from Krabi Thailand

We're doing this because we didn't do any research on the directions from Krabi to the Viewpoint Hike, and we kinda got lost. So, good for you for planning ahead.

This is the map from the island. We took a boat from Krabi to Railay West Beach for 200 Baht. We then walked through 'Railay Walking Street'. There were all kinds of bars and restaurants on the way. There were also alot of construction and garbage at some point.

When you come to this cross street, take a right.

Head down this alley and make a right at the end.

Walk along this walkway until you see the fork below. Then you make a right.

If you see this cave, you're on the right track. The entrance will be on your left. Good luck!

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