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7 Islands Sunset Tour / 4 Islands Tour / Krabi / Is it worth it?

We heard of the 4 Islands Tour even before we landed in Krabi. Even with the crowd of tourists, it’s still a must-do. We walked along the main avenue (‘Tambon Ao Nang’ according to Google map) and asked around for pricing at all the tour kiosks. That’s when we discovered the 7 Islands Sunset Tour. Who wants a measly 4 Island Tour when you can have a 7 Island Sunset Tour for almost the same price?! Right? So we booked the tour for 1100 Baht (price including park entrance fees).

Here’s the SCOOP:


  • It wasn’t 7 islands. Its was still about 4.

  • The food was so-so. It was buffet style. The most memorable thing was the pumpkin curry.

  • The snorkeling wasn’t great. Although this is not the tour’s fault. There’s just no awesome snorkeling around this area due to the warming of the waters.

  • There were too many people. We did some research beforehand so we weren’t surprised. I would say that we expected the worst and it was not the case. There were moments when were able to capture pics without being photo bombed

  • The plankton was cool but set your expectations low. You can’t capture it on camera and it wasn’t like Avator.


  • The scenery was spectacularly breathtaking

  • Even tough it was only 4 islands, we were fed a meal and there was a fire show

  • We really enjoyed the sunset and the plankton snorkeling

  • It was worth the money

Watch the VIDEO of the tour below!

Tip: We would recommend taking the tour and then the next day hire a private boat to take you to you favorite island. We heard that Poda Island actually has some really exclusive beaches where it’s not over crowded. This way you can spend a whole day relaxing at one of these beautiful islands without someone telling you what to do and when to leave.

We started out with an awesome boat ride that really captures the famous limestone cliffs of Thailand.

It wasn't long before we got to Koh Gai (Chicken Island). Its important to note that we really didn't stop on this Island. Although we simply just drove past, we were still able to snap great pics.

The next stop was my favorite at Tup Island. You can walk across to Mor Island on a sandbar that connects the two. The water was so clear and a breathtakingly beautiful mix of aqua and blue. It was like a dream and for me, epitome of Thailand.

Next, we headed to Poda Island where we got to relax on the beach and saw some fishes hanging out in the shallow water. We then took the boat to this huge island rock to do some snorkeling.

Our last 'island' was Phra Nang Cave and Railay Beach, which are not actually islands, but it is only accessible by boat. This stop is actually a part of Railay Island, which we took a boat to directly to explore the whole island, which I highly recommend. Click here to see our hike up the viewpoint!

We had a buffet style dinner on Railay beach which was overall very nice. As said above, the food was only ok but it was nice to eat and watch the sunset.

Our very last stop was night snorkeling with planktons. I guess I had set my expectations a little too high as I imagined being surrounded by glow in the dark objects similar to the movie Avatar. But, it was more like dust-like light sparkles that appear as you move in the water. It was pretty cool and I'm glad to have experienced it. But like I said, set your expectations low.

The night ended with a fire show which you can see in our video above.

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