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Top 10 Free and Cheap Things To Do in New Orleans

We’ve heard from many people that New Orleans was going to be expensive. However, we were able to find plenty of free and cheap things to do. Here’s the top 10:

1. Cafe Du Monde- We went in the afternoon around 3 and were seated right away. We were pleasantly surprised by the prices as everything was under $3.00. We ordered 2 beignets, one coffee, one iced tea and the bill was under $10. The beignets were nice and fresh and I thought the coffee was tasty. Bashir didn’t enjoy the coffee as much since he only drinks black coffee.

2. Jackson Square- We grabbed a Po Boy from a deli that was fantastic and ate in the park. (we are coming out with the food vlog next so we’ll provide the details then) This is just a great park to walk around and snap a few pics of the beautiful cathedral.

3. Voodoo- We went to the voodoo museum which provided a good history of the voodoo culture in New Orleans.

Admission cost:

$7 General, $5.50 Students & Senior Citizens, $4.50 High school students, $3.50 Grade school Students

We also went to several voodoo stores and I found a money candle in Voodoo Authentica where the lady was really nice and inviting. The stores were scattered around 3 blocks and you can just find them in google.

4. Street Cars- This was an awesome way to get around the city. We took them to the Garden District and also to the museum. $3 will get you an all day ticket. Plus, the cars are manly operated so you get to watch the driver do his thing.

5. Garden District- Since the guided walking tours were around $40, we opted to walk it ourselves. The link below provided was super useful. It provided a map that we printed off, an interactive map, and info about the houses. It’s everything you need to make your own tour. BTW, make sure you stop at Lafayette Cemetery #1 in the Garden District. It’s one of the few that are free to enter.

6. Antique Shops- We went into a few shops as we were wandering around the French Quarter. They were visually stunning and a great way to escape from the heat as your walking. The shop in the video is French Antique Shop Inc. on Royal St. It reminded me of the Beauty and the Beast movies with crazily ornate chandlers, candelabras, and wardrobes.

7. Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden- This is right outside of New Orleans Museum of Art. Start from the museum and follow the signs to the garden as it was hard to find for us. Here you can be up close and personal with the art and appreciate it’s glory. Our favorite was a piece call Karma. It’s the 23-ft stainless steel sculpture by Korean artist Do Ho Suh. This was probably the coolest contemporary sculpture I’ve ever seen.

8. Bywater Neighborhood- We had so much fun taking pictures of the colorful houses in this neighborhood. We were approached by one of the owners of one of these magnetically painted houses. We ended up talking to him for a hour and found that he had spent a great amount of time and money to completely restored his house. We were blown away by the friendliness of the locals. They say there are no strangers in New Orleans and it’s totally true. It turns out he’s an awesome resident photographer. Check out his website below and pay him a visit if you go.

9. Burbon Street- We were shocked to find out that you can carry a drink with you anywhere. You don’t have to chug your drinks as you leave or enter the bar. The drinks here are fairly decently priced with everything under $10. But, if you’re looking to save more, you can just buy your own bottled alcohol, make your own drinks, and carry it around. Pro advice, save your going out money for Frenchmen Street.

10. Frenchmen Street- Perfectly nicknamed “The Local People’s Bourbon Street”, Frenchmen Street was our favorite place to party. It’s about 3 blocks of live music bars. Literally every establishment we went into has the most awesome music playing. There was even a street party with a brass band that got everyone shaking their stuff. The drinks here are a dollar or two more expensive than Bourbon Street but it was totally worth it. They say you should buy a drink per set, but it wasn’t enforced. The bars in the video was The Maison and Blue Nile respectively.

New Orleans is far from just a place to party. It’s a big city with a small town vibe, where the locals will welcome you with open arms. It’s so rich in history that it exudes a one of a kind culture that you will find nowhere else. We absolutely fell in love with New Orleans and we hope you will too.

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